Sunday, April 8, 2012

this is how ava smiles for the camera, she is so funny and loves to look at her pictures.
leahs scratched face from ava! ava is so physical and scratches her way through every thing and leah just sits there and cries she says she is too strong to push her away! ava is my challenge!
so emma had a bad fall on friday, she fell off her flicker (scooter) ended up in A & E that night with a cut above her lip, she looked alot worse than this, her lip was so swollen, she looked awful. We have done well made it 8 years without taking any of them to the hospital.
Last August me and david were lucky enough to have our firist holiday since our honeymoon!(9years) we went to portugal and loved it! we keep saying to each other do you remember Portugal? was it real?
me and my David, ahh we loved each other again!!!! ha ha
So i have been doing up old pieces of furniture and im loving it, i really enjoy doing something for me but dont have enough hours in the day! I drive david mad with all the stuff i bring home and im taking over his shed. so people have been asking to see what i have been doing so here are afew before and after pictures.

Ava turned 2 in january, she loved the atention when we sung to her!

We bought her a bike and she has loved it, Emma and her friend daniel took her for a ride but once you start you are not allowed to stop!
Leah and her best pall nancy!
Halloween once again, Leah was a witch, Ava a cat and Emma was a sceleton/mummy.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

been too long.. sorry!

so its been nearly a year and its been way too long, Leah has finished her 1st year of school and emma is going into 2nd class and just turned 7....yeah i have a 7 year old.... how did that happen? summer is here and here is abit of what has been happening!

Ava is 18 months now is so urmmm, whats the word? the boss! she knows what she wants and she will scratch her way to get it (literally). Its a good job she is so cute.

She loves to copy her sisters and get her bags ready for school, think she would love to go with them.

Last week some of davids family were over so we all went to the beach! minus the sunshine but we all had so much fun. Leah loved it and really was in her own little world making sand cakes and it was hard to get her home.

i love the girls getting together with granny and granddad, times i hope they wont forget.

Ava could not cope with the sand at first and did not like the feel of it on her feet, so funny, she soon got used to it and started to love it just as much as her sisters.

Emma loved the water and liked it with her cousins and is 7 going on 17.... im teriffied of the teenage years.

Getting used to the sand

We all also went out for the day with all the family. I promise Ava is laughing here and not crying

gotta love the rolls in those legs, couldnt resist this picture

princess Leah

strike a pose

all the cousins together that were there any way, think there was about 18 kids, its great to see them together. i love how the older kids just look after the younger ones with out even asking them, its lovely!

So it was davids sisters 29th birthday she passed away when she was just 7 months old. we took the girls to see the grave. It was lovely as emma was named after her and it was great to talk with her about it. she came away and said that she thinks that her and antie emma would have been close, i know they would have as me and david knew she was to be called emma even before we were married.

found ava sat on the door step one day just playing with the pegs.... ahhh

peek a boo

my girls

the girls love being outside and ava wants to be with now she is walking all the time.

Emma learnt to ride her bike! i was so excited to watch her, she waas just beeming and loved every minute and she just kept going untill she got it right, never fell once! love her!

Emma had her front 4 teeth fall out pritty much with in afew week s off each other she looked so funny, the process was the funniest.......

she looked like she had those fake teeth in, they were all wobbly and wonky.